What We Do
We try plain and simply to make photographs
and floral arrangements in the styles that you
want. If we can do something, we will. If we
cannot do something, we will tell you upfront.
We are almost always willing to try something
new to accommodate you. Weddings have
changed significantly over the 3
5 years that
we've been in business - especially the last
several years. There was a time when a
traditional wedding package was just that
“traditional”. Today’s trends are more toward a
“photojournalistic” style or "Pinteresting" style of
photography. We would typically offer services
that blend some of the traditional with some of
the new. We also realize that weddings are
sometimes the only time that entire families get
together. We’d be more than happy to make
family photographs with your grandparents,
your favorite aunt, or your long lost cousins.
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Contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.
ADJordan, 623 dunham hill road, castle creek, ny 13744
ph. 607.427.5177 email djordan3@stny.rr.com