How Much Does It Cost
A lot of weddings may be similar but every
wedding is really, truly different. Some couples
require only the minimum services; some
couples want the best of the best. Since every
wedding is different we feel that every wedding
requires different pricing. Generally speaking,
we want to provide our services at a price that is
fair to you and fair to us. If you have shopped
around you no doubt have seen pricing for good
photography in our area in the $1,000 - $3,000
r more!) range. While it isn't our intention to
be known as the cheapest photographers in
town, we believe that we can provide you with
quality services, at affordable rates.
Wedding day photography only (no albums included).
All photographs copied to a CD/DVD for you to
print/share photos as you wish, at your own cost.

Per hour/4 hour minimum          $
All day/no time limit                 $1,

00 deposit required to secure date; 50% balance on
wedding day; balance due on receipt of proofs.
Floral designs
All floral designs are custom. Please call for a
custom quote for floral designs.
We accept PayPal for
Deposits and Payment
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Contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.
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